How To Help A Stressed Cat Destress?

stressed cat feeling lonely

Do you have a stressed cat at home? Have you seen different signs and symptoms that indicate that your cat is going through something? Then it is likely that your cat is stressed out by some situation that they have or are experiencing.

Have you recognized abnormalities in your cat’s recent behavior and want to know more about it? Click here for more information on your stressed cat or read on for more information on how to help your stressed cat. Helping your cat when it is feeling stressed can be the difference between your cat catching a chronic stress-induced illness or completely overcoming their stress and going back to normal. You have to make some effort to help your furry feline friend.

How to Destress Your Cat?

Use these strategies to destress your cat.

Exercise Daily

Spend some quality time with your cat and make sure they get a daily dose of exercise. Exercising will help your cat to get the stimulation it needs. It will even distract your cat from any ongoing stress being experienced. Play with your cat and buy cat toys that will help in encouraging exercise. Many cat owners have found laser pointers useful for cats who start isolating themselves when under stress.

Give Your Cat Good Quality Cat Food

Your cat deserves the best, and if your cat is experiencing stress, the best thing to do is buy their favorite or high-quality cat food as a source of comfort. This will also show your cat that you care a lot about your cat and that you will do anything in your power to make sure they are comfortable. High-quality cat food will also eliminate any gastrointestinal symptoms.

Make a Safe Place for Your Cat

Create a corner or area in your house where you can ensure your cat will feel safe. Put blankets, cushions, and other warm and soft items in that area to ensure that your cat will remain comfortable when it is sitting there.

Stop the Scolding

Avoid scolding your cat at all costs. Your cat is likely acting out of character. If you scold, you will add to the stress already being experienced. When your cat is suffering from stress be patient and kind and remind yourself that your cat is part of the family.

Consult Your Vet

It is also essential that you go to your vet and speak to them about the ongoing circumstances. Provide your vet with a detailed account of what symptoms you have observed. Your vet will likely prescribe anti-anxiety medication to your cat, or your vet might give you advice on what you should do that destress your cat.

Control Conflict with the Other Animals in Your House

Have you introduced a new pet in your house? If you find that this new pet is the source of stress for your cat, you should define boundaries and decrease any chances of conflict between your cat and the new pet. You can achieve this by separating feeding times for both pets, having different play areas for them, and training them to abide by these boundaries (at least until they become comfortable with each other).

Create a Stimulating Environment

Buy different cat toys to allow your cat to get the stimulation they need from the environment. You can even buy a cat house or a cat tree and different scratching posts for better stimulation. Such an environment will prevent your cat from getting bored, and it will allow your cat to get the exercise he or she needs. So, such an environment will be a win-win situation.

Eliminate Noise

If you want your cat to overcome their stress completely, then you should eliminate any external noise in your home. Noise can be a huge cause of stress, as cats have sensitive ears. So, eliminating noises like screaming, fighting, crying, or any other sounds that may be perceived as danger can help your cat feel safe and less stressed.

Make the Environment Cat-Friendly

To avoid any mishaps, you should have several litter boxes located in different rooms around your house. Make sure you have different water and food bowls as well. Creating an environment where your cat can eat, drink, and poop conveniently can decrease their stress significantly.


Following the tips provided above, you can help your cat destress from any ongoing situation that is causing a manifestation of stress. If you treat your cat’s stress like your stress and begin to panic instead of finding a solution to the problem, you may likely worsen the situation and cause your cat more stress with your tense energy. The best route to take in such a situation is to remain calm for your cat. Please provide them with a loving and tender environment. This will allow your cat to realize that you truly care and want the best for your cat. Follow the tips mentioned above, and you will see improvement in your cat’s condition.