Perils of Kitten Scratching and Ways To Overcome It

kitten scratching

When it comes to kitten scratching, you are not alone in that genre! I have been asked by several of my friends and acquaintances the quintessential question with a puzzled look in their faces – “Why does my cat scratch my furniture?” Though on the face of it looks like a silly question, cat scratching has a deeper connotation, though not a profound one at that!

While at most times, I used to get away with a smug smile, a few extra-inquisitive ones forked out answers from me. I am making a blog of it for the benefit of a wider section of pet lovers and, more importantly, feline fans to let them know they have company in being scratched by their cats! 

When a cat involves itself in scratching things, it conveys different meanings depending on a variety of reasons and situations. Universally it is believed that kitten scratching signifies that it is making its presence felt to its feline fraternity. This is the core and basic explanation provided and accepted by a vast majority. Ask yourselves this question, and I am sure you will find me right when I say there are a host of reasons for that. Let me explain.

  • A physiological factor
  • It has a psychological reason
  • Indicates attention mongering 
  • It implies they are cleansing their nails
  • It showcases their inherent “I am here, beware” nature.

Before hurrying to find a solution to how to stop a kitten from scratching furniture, it pays to know the reasons behind its actions. 

Physiological Factor

Ever cared to see how your cat’s paws look like? Or how it feels if touched? Please take my word; they are like surfaces with spikes. They propose to leave their indelible presence for all to see and acknowledge.

Psychological Reason

This, by far, is the most universally accepted reason for the often asked question about kitten scratching. Scratching is second nature to cats. They often grow up as a group of kittens – usually, the mother cat litters at least four kittens a time. The small kittens come alive when licked and scratched by their mother and co-kittens. 

This inherent habit hangs on with them, and they exhibit their wish to bond through scratching. This is a major emotional bonding bridge between cats and their owners. 

Next time around, instead of worrying about this, understand that the feline feels safe in your presence and that it feels it ‘belongs’ to your family. 

Another surprising revelation that might sound incredulous, but that is how cats live! When they scratch, it is to assure them that no other cats are around and that he has the sole privilege of being a member of your family. Their strong nasal power will catch the faintest of foreign smells, for sure! 

On the flip side, cats tend to scratch when they are anxious, too. 

But what if it is scratching to exhibit his anxiety? In the first place, you need to understand the origin of its anxiety and then to address it to smoothen it down. 

If you suspect that your cat is scratching out of anxiety, check what is amiss from its natural environment. Maybe the kitten scratching post of your feline may have been misplaced. Look for such possible causes and set them right. 

Still, another plausible reason you can attribute to your kitten scratching is that he is trying to get your attention. In the scheme of our daily busy life, despite best efforts, we may not be able to spend much time with him as he wishes. Cats, like all pets, need to be pampered. A drop in your time span towards them will most likely have proportionately direct “paw power” sessions from your cat!

Kitten scratching is their way of marking their property. When they scratch furniture or rub their heads to you, they are leaving an ‘unwritten’ warning to neighborhood cats that you belong to them, and they don’t dare to mess with you! Possessiveness, the feline way!

Compulsive Habit

Cats are compulsive scratchers. They scratch when it rains or when it does not! It is as straightforward as that. They must have felt the need to clean their nails! It is a sort of feline manicure which is a manifestation of love and emotional closeness. No point in wondering about kitten scratching. It is an important affectionate behavior in cats. It is a sure sign of affection between cats and other cats and human beings. 

However, the fact remains that it hurts the décor and finish of your furniture with kitten scratching around without a semblance of control. 

How to Train A Kitten Not To Scratch?

The answer to this issue becomes simpler in the light of the knowledge of its reasons for scratching. The solution can be as simple as moving it close to the kitten scratching post to the extreme act of declawing the cat. 

Problem Reason Solution
Kitten Scratching Physiological  Making available Kitten Scratching Post
Kitten Scratching Psychological  Grooming sessions
Kitten Scratching Compulsive Behavior Incentivize for good behavior 

Remember, next time around, when you catch your cat scratching the furniture, do not yell at it. It only might aggravate the situation. Alternatively, ensure to have the kitten scratching post near to it. Encourage the feline to use it more often by patting it warmly or incentivizing it for using the post. 

Try out the various options available on the e-commerce website. Like the AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post with Toy.

A cat might be in love with the décor and texture of your furniture. The feel of its touch might be replicated in its scratching post. 

Yet another way of veering your cat from scratching and spoiling your furniture is to spray the places where it scratches with herbal sprays. This is so because they act as great deterrents because of the repugnant taste of the spray. However, take care to see that the spray, if ingested, is not harmful to the kitten. 

If sprays can cause allergy to the members of your family, you may do well to stick tapes on the surfaces which the cat scratches typically. Sticky tapes are available, which have a sticky surface on both sides. The cause being cat’s paws is highly sensitive, and the sticky areas irritate them so much that they would not repeat the act. 

Alternatively, lure him with a piece of food; after all, he might be hungry too.

Or divert his attention to the TV screen or the music on the music player.

You can also try trimming the nails of kitten periodically can also help in its innate urge to scratch. Declawing is an extreme alternative, and be sure if it is legal in the place of your stay. 


It pays to understand the reasons for kitten scratching and take corrective action wherever needed. Proper grooming and conditioning sessions for cats will produce effective results. Do not ignore one essential thing -ensure to have a kitten scratching post or similar surfaces and encourage the cat to use them instead of the costly furniture at home.