How Do You Stop Dog From Biting and Nipping?

dog from biting and nipping

Dogs are playful creatures, especially when interacting with humans. This particular characteristic is what makes them so loved by humans, apart from their cheerfulness and loyalty. However, this sometimes may get out of hand. There are times when they become excessively playful and won’t stop biting and nipping. It’s important to understand that this could be due to many reasons. Typically, no matter the reason, dog owners want this behavior to stop immediately. Thankfully, there are things you can do to stop your dog from biting and nipping

Why does my dog gently mouth my hand?

It’s always essential to understand the reasons behind your dog’s behavior and why they are acting in a particular way. This particular step might seem unnecessary, but this will help us come up with the proper strategy. 

Your dog always mouthing on your hand is not only annoying; it could also be dangerous. Thus, pet owners never want their dogs to be unruly. However, this mouthing behavior is a normal part of their personality. It’s one of the ways they show their affection to humans. 

Mouthing is typically a positive behavior. However, it only becomes undesirable when your dog is too excited, and the mouthing becomes a little bit aggressive. Some dogs would even lightly nibble and bite on your hand if they can’t contain their excitement. Understandably, some dog owners dislike this kind of behavior. 

Why is my dog nipping at visitors?

Nipping is when your dog playfully bites on your hand, leg, or clothes. Both dog biting and nipping can be forms of affection in some dogs. Typically, dogs nip at visitors simply because they are strangers. Nipping is a normal part of a dog’s behavior. It is like a “hi” or a handshake counterpart in humans. However, some dogs nip at humans stronger than others. It might be mistaken as rude or unfriendly behavior. 

What is dog mouthing affection?

Dogs don’t have hands like humans. Thus, they express everything with their face. What is in front of their face? Their mouth! It is not surprising that dogs call your attention and express their feelings using their mouths. After all, they can’t use any other body part, can they?

Dog mouthing is when your dog uses his or her mouth or teeth to touch your hand or any body part. Generally, this is a harmless behavior that’s also inherently normal in dogs. If you’ve had dogs in the past or are familiar with dogs, you know that this is how they communicate. However, if you’re a stranger and a dog suddenly does this, it might be a bit uncomfortable and alarming. 

When intense dog nipping and biting starts is usually when pet parents become concerned. Thankfully, there are some things you can do at home to control this behavior. 

How to stop a dog from nipping when excited?

You’ve had enough. You just want to stop dog nipping instantly. The good news is dogs are pretty good learners. They are creatures of habit. Thus, making them learn, and unlearn behaviors and patterns would be easy. You can stop dog nipping by simply following the steps below.

Introduce your dog to your guest

Have someone act as your guest. It can be anyone your dog has not met before. Just remember to be careful if your dog is too aggressive. Otherwise, it’s a completely harmless step.

Place your dog in a separate room if it keeps on nipping on your guest

If your dog simply doesn’t stop nipping at your guest, give it a timeout. Place your dog in a separate room such as an empty bedroom or laundry area. Don’t hit your dog or yell at them.

Repeat introducing your guest until your dog learns not to nip

After several minutes, you can repeat the steps above until you get your desired results. 

Reward them

As always, training a dog should involve a reward. It is simply what we call positive reinforcement. Never hit or scold your dog for exhibiting undesirable behavior. It might seem to work at the beginning, but the results won’t be long-term. 

What are other things I can do to stop nipping?

Give your dog something to nip at. 

Pet Qwerks chew bone

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Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

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How to stop my dog from biting when excited?

We all know how dogs get when they get all hyped up and excited. They would jump all over you and even bite you if they’re feeling extra pumped up. Most of the time, we tolerate this behavior because dogs are inherently lively, active and affectionate creatures. However, you don’t want this to happen all the time, especially if you have guests over. 

One of the easiest things you can do is to keep your dog busy. You can do this by providing your dog with a fun chew toy. Looking for a cheap chew toy to stop dog from biting and nipping? Check out this one from Hartz. It’s a bacon-flavored chew toy that your dog will surely be addicted to. Although it’s very affordable, it works effectively as a teeth-cleaning toy.


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Brittle, easily breakable (not suitable if your dog is a strong biter or chewer)

Don’t underestimate the power of saying ‘no’ to your dog. Whenever your dog bites you when it is excited, give your dog a firm look and say ‘no.’ If your dog stops the unwanted behavior, don’t forget to reward them with a treat. However, if your dog keeps biting, pull away, and stop interacting to let them know that this isn’t an act you desire. 

How to stop a dog from snapping?

It is not a pleasant experience when you want to have cuddle time with your dog, and it suddenly snaps at you. As a dog owner, you want to pinpoint the reason why your dog is behaving as such. Also, you want to correct this behavior. With the steps below, you can easily train your dog to stop this unruly behavior in no time. 

Establish your role in the household

Firstly, for this to work, your dog should know that you are the leader and master of the house. Be the authority, and don’t let your dog’s wishes come first. 

Identify your dog’s triggers

Does your dog snap whenever it is eating in a crowded room? Feed it in a quiet room in your home. 

Correct the behavior

Active training comes into play here. Whenever your dog snaps at somebody, say a firm “no.” 

PetSafe Treat & Train

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Why is my dog aggressive?

It’s essential to make a distinction between an aggressive dog and a moody dog. Aggressiveness is a part of some dog breeds’ character. No matter how much you train them, they will always have that inherent aggressiveness within them. It doesn’t mean that they are bad; it’s just part of their character. 

You can easily calm an aggressive dog by finding out the root cause of their aggression. Hormones are one of the most common causes of aggression. Typically, your vet would suggest spaying and neutering. Furthermore, your vet may also run some tests and scans to check if there are any underlying illnesses.

Sometimes, what seems aggression is just unreleased energy. You can spend time with your dog to play outdoors so that unspent energy will be released. Make sure that your dog has a comfortable and secure collar while you’re outdoors. This custom personalized collar is great for any size of the dog.


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Milk-Bone Brushing Chews

Chew bones are a great way to keep your dogs busy. Check out this Milk-Bone Brushing Chews, which is a favorite among dog owners who are also watching out for their dog’s dental hygiene. No need to worry about tartar build-up if your dog is averted to brushing their teeth. They even come in different sizes to make sure your dog’s treats are customized. Moreover, these amazing chews have a patented technology that includes nubs and ridges that act like bristles on a toothbrush when your dog chews on them. Amazing, right?


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It is a little expensive.

What are other things I can try to curb dog from biting and nipping?

There are many things you can get to help stop dog from biting and nipping. Apart from tasty treats, you can always give supplements that aid your dog’s nerves to help with their anxiety or aggression.

Graie To The Rescue Calming Treats

Graie To The Rescue Calming Treats is a great calming aid for all types of dogs. It’s an all-natural cure for your dog’s emotional concerns. Furthermore, this particular supplement is non-drowsy. Thus, it is not just a mere sedative. Moreover, this supplement is 100% free of fillers, so you’re sure you’re only getting the essential nutrients. 


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Rechargeable dog shock collar

Check out this fun training collar you can use to make training easier and more convenient. This rechargeable dog shock collar is excellent for training. No need to worry because it’s 100% safe and effective. Furthermore, it’s one of the best ways you can train your dog with respect. 


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The great thing about dogs is that they are highly intelligent creatures. It won’t be too difficult for them to train. Moreover, they learn very easily and quickly, too! With the right amount of patience, compassion, and love, you will be able to stop dog from biting and nipping in no time.