Why Is Your Cat Losing Weight Suddenly?

cat losing weight

We all love cats for their very diverse personalities. Some cats are fun, cheery, and are jumping up and down upon seeing their parents. Meanwhile, some are very reserved and appreciate their alone time alongside their parents. Of course, some behave erratically and are very playful. No matter what type of personality our cats have, we love them and appreciate them for who they are. It is why whenever one of them starts acting and looking differently, we may get instantly alarmed. One of the most common concerns of cat parents is their cat losing weight. It is particularly alarming if you’re used to your cat being fluffy and chubby. If this is something you’re experiencing, keep on reading to find out why your cat is losing weight. 

Is my cat losing weight?

Before anything else, it’s essential to figure out if your cat is losing weight. Ideally, you should weigh your cats at least once a month. It is so you could have a baseline to compare with in the future. Find out the ideal weight for your specific cat. Some breeds of cats may be heavier or lighter than others.

This BYKAZATY multi-function scale is a practical device you could have at your home. It accurately weighs your pets in the comfort of your own home. Moreover, this is a multi-functional scale and can be used for dogs and other animals, too!

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Why is my cat losing weight? 

If your cat used to be a healthy, lively, and suddenly becomes lethargic, thin, and frail, you would start asking questions. One thing to take note is that it’s a good thing that you spotted this early on. 

Psychological and emotional problems can cause weight loss more often than you think. Simple anxiety or stress can make your cat’s hormones go crazy. We all know that hormones are responsible for your cat’s body’s overall control. When the levels of these hormones become unpredictable, they may very well affect your cat’s metabolism. Moreover, they may also affect the way your cat’s other organ systems work. 

These yummy, bite-sized chewable food supplements from Vetriscience are a great way to incorporate some potent nutrients and vitamins into your cat’s diet. It also has fish oil extract, which provides your cat with essential amino acids that they can’t get from other foods.

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Cons: flavor

Is it normal that an aging cat is losing weight?

Aging or elderly cats may exhibit some weight loss over the years. In most cases, there is no need to panic. Typically, when a cat ages up, it loses most of its muscle mass. Furthermore, their bones won’t be as dense as when they were younger. Thus, this will appear as becoming thin or losing weight. There is no need to panic because this is simply normal physiology. 

However, if you notice that your cat’s appetite starts to go down, and you also notice weight loss alongside it, there’s a problem. Begin by modifying your cat’s diet. Perhaps your cat is just getting tired of its usual meals. Spice them up by introducing other ingredients or completely changing up their cat food. 

Dr. Elsey’s Cleanprotein dry food is packed with high-quality, animal-derived protein. It also has essential Omega 3 fatty acids that support cell function. It’s great to support your cat’s overall body function. Thus, it’s ideal for an aging cat.

Pros: Easy to prepare, enriched with high protein

Cons: On the pricey side

Why is a cat eating but losing weight?

If your cat is eating but remains to lose weight, there may be problems with how your cat’s body absorbs the nutrients from foods. In this case, you might want to look into its gastrointestinal function.

Do you have a 10-year-old cat losing weight? Check out this health supplement that could help with your cat’s possible gastrointestinal problems. 

The Vet Organics Ecodigestive health supplement is a great addition to your cat’s daily diet. It is formulated with the most natural ingredients backed by scientific research. Thus, you’re sure that you’re only giving your cat something that works. Furthermore, this supplement is packed with probiotics that help with your cat’s gut health. It promotes healing of any GI damage, boosts metabolism, and improves digestion and absorption. 

Pros: Ideal for gut issues, with probiotics

Cons: Pricey

Why is my cat losing hair and weight?

Hair loss, on the other hand, is a different story. A variety of reasons may cause it. Parasitic infestation is the most common cause. Regularly check your cat if pesky pests are infesting it. Using a cat comb, you may be able to easily visualize if there are any eggs, nits, or adult ticks, mites, or fleas. 

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Cons: A bit flimsy, small

Do you have a 13-year-old cat losing weight and hair? Check out these products!

This one from GNC is amazing for a cat’s hair problems. The GNC Pets Ultra Mega Hairball is formulated for all types of cats. It’s even chicken-flavored, so your cats will surely be enthusiastic about taking their hair vitamins. 

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My cat keeps losing weight. What do I do?

Seeing your cat losing weight fast is never easy. If it continues to lose weight and nothing you do seems to work, coordinate with your veterinarian. In the meantime, you can help your cat get the best nutrients and vitamins he or she can get. 

The Blue Buffalo High Protein cat food is great to boost their protein levels. By increasing their protein intake, you’re helping them rebuild and regain the muscle they lost. 

My cat is losing weight and not eating! What do I do? 

If your cat is not eating, it’s probably why it is losing weight. The key here is to increase its consumption, as well as improve the quality of the food it is eating. 

Do you have a 14-year-old cat losing weight and not eating? Look into these supplements.

Is your dog just a picky eater? No problem. This flavor enhancer from pawPairings is a great topper on your cat’s daily meals. Also, it’s an amazing appetite stimulant that will surely please your cat’s taste buds. 

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Cons: A bit expensive 

Catnip balls are great appetite aids for cats who constantly refuse to eat. They are 100% non-toxic and safe for cats of any age to munch on. Moreover, it also helps promote healthy mental and psychological well-being in cats. It also improves digestion if regularly taken.

Pros: 100% natural and non-toxic, well-tolerated by most cats

Cons: A bit expensive for its size

What are some causes of severe weight loss in cats?

Cancer is perhaps one of the most common causes of severe weight loss in cats. Unbeknownst to many, cancer cells eat up a lot of energy and nutrients from your cats. Thus, even though your cat may eat plenty and frequently, he or she may still experience some weight loss. Furthermore, weight loss may be worse if the cancer is located somewhere in the GI tract.

Now, there is no need to panic. Cancer is not always the cause. It is best to bring your cat to the vet for a check-up. Your vet will run some blood tests and scans to find out what the problem is. In the meantime, you shouldn’t panic. 

Hyperthyroidism is an endocrine disorder that’s caused by a benign tumor located in the thyroid gland. No need to worry folks, this isn’t cancer. The growth is benign and can be treated with medications. This disease occurs due to increased levels of thyroid hormones. These hormones are responsible for regulating metabolism. 

Dr. Bill’s Feline Cognitive Support is a wonder supplement for aging cats. This particular drug supports immune and cognitive function. We all know that over the years, a cat’s nervous system won’t be as sharp as usual. Furthermore, this supplement has Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin B that nourish the nerves. 

Pros: Developed by veterinarians, great for aging cats

Cons: May not be as flavorful as other supplements

The Royal Canin Feline Wet Cat Food is excellent for cats with sensitive stomachs. This wet cat food includes easily digestible and absorbable nutrients, which makes it easier for your cats to get the nourishment they need. 

Pros: Promotes stool odor reduction, easily digestible proteins

Cons: A bit pricey, tricky to get

Why is my diabetic cat losing weight?

Feline diabetes is something to concern yourself. Just like in humans, weight loss is a consistent finding in diabetes. When your cat has diabetes, it has difficulty absorbing sugars or glucose in the food it eats. Thus, no matter how much your cat eats, it will not absorb the energy and won’t be feeding its cells. Ultimately, this will result in weight loss. 

Approach your veterinarian for proper work-up and management of your cat’s diabetes. Insulin therapy is the mainstay therapy for diabetes in cats. Along with this, your cat’s diet should also be modified. Don’t worry because this disease can be easily managed with the help of your vet.

If your cat is recently diagnosed with either Type I or Type II diabetes, here’s something you might want to get. You can regularly check your cat’s blood sugar levels with this glucose testing kit. Moreover, these are easy to use and are clinical-grade kits.

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Cons: Expensive

Why is my elderly cat losing weight?

Seeing your old cat losing weight but eating well may be surprising. It’s important to note that old cats, as previously mentioned, would experience some form of weight loss. Along with this, you’ll also notice things start to change in their appearance. For instance, their fur won’t be as vibrant, and they may have some hair loss. 

You don’t want to see your senior cat losing weight. You can look into these recommended supplements to help boost your elderly cat’s appetite as well as its immune system.

This Noden’s Cat Hip & Joint Glucosamine is specially made to relieve your cat’s inflammation. It is particularly in the hip and joint regions. Furthermore, it improves your cat’s flexibility and encourages them to be more active. Sometimes, all they need is a little nudge. 

Pros: Fast-acting, improves their energy, convenient to give to your cats

Cons: May cause some hypersensitivity reactions in some cats

Do you have a 16-year-old cat losing weight? 

Here’s another one from Royal Canin. The Adult Instinctive Wet Cat Food is ideal for aging cats. Even the pickiest senior cats would not be able to resist this specially made wet cat food. Moreover, it promotes the maintenance of healthy weight among elderly cats.

Pros: Ideal for cats who are prone to weight loss, soft, easy to chew

Cons: Moderately pricey

Do you have an 18-year-old cat losing weight?

Hill Science’s Diet Adult Sensitive Wet Cat Food is the one to get for elderly cats. It’s also easily digestible and includes all the nutrients any elderly cat might need. Furthermore, it promotes optimal digestive health, so you’re assured that your cat is absorbing all the nutrients.

Pros: Great for digestive health, filled with essential vitamins and minerals, no artificial colorings, flavors

Cons: Unflavored

My cat keeps losing weight no matter what I do!

Sometimes, we have to leave these matters into the hands of the professional. If you feel like you’ve done everything and you do not see any results, consult with your veterinarian. Your cat’s vet knows the right steps to come up with the proper diagnosis.