Why is My Dog Urinating Around the House? Ways To Potty Train Your Dog

dog urinating

We all love dogs to be our companions in our homes. These furry creatures are sure fun to live with. With a great, amazing pet comes great responsibility. This is especially when they are posing some problems. One of the most common problems dog owners encounter with their pets is their dog urinating or just potty training problems in general. Surely, this is a common occurrence, but when it goes out of hand, it gets problematic and stressful to handle. Here are the answers to some questions you might have if you have a dog urinating improperly.

Why is my housebroken dog urinating in the house?

Housebroken dogs are dogs that have undergone the proper training for domestic living. In short, these dogs have been trained to behave properly and live in harmony with human owners. These are lovely dogs to have in our homes because they know exactly what and what not to do. They are generally well-behaved and overall fun companions in our homes. However, in some instances, you might experience your dog misbehaving in the form of randomly urinating or soiling around the house. 

A dog urinating all over the house is a pain in the bottom. No one wants to come home to a puddle of pee in the middle of the living room, a new carpet stained, or a stinky couch. Furthermore, you want your pets to behave in a certain way. So it must be bothersome if they behave otherwise and you want to know why.

First things first. Find out if your dog is appropriately housetrained. Otherwise, you may be stressing out for nothing. If your dog is trained, toilet problems may be caused by health or stress/behavioral issues. If you believe this might be the case, you may coordinate with your pet’s veterinarian, as well as your dog trainer. It might be helpful to discuss to them in detail the changes you have been noticing in your dog. This will aid them in coming up with the right solution.

How do I potty train my dog?

Not sure if your dog is truly house trained? Don’t worry. Housebreaking your dog is easy and rewarding with the right amount of patience and dedication. Potty training is one of the surest ways to make sure you won’t just catch your dog urinating all over the house. Select a designated area where you want your dog to potty train. This can be anywhere around the house. However, ideally, it shouldn’t be visible to people but somewhere still within reach of your pet. 

You also have the option to potty train your dog indoors or outdoors. Most of the time, this depends on the type of house you live in as well as your personal preference. It’s essential to choose the right spot because this will be your pet’s go-to place from now on. Make sure that this is the place you want your pet to go. 

There are plenty of things to consider before choosing the permanent spot. These are things like climate, size of your house, etc. If you live in a place where the weather is unpredictable and undergo drastic changes, outdoor potty training might not be the best choice for your pet. However, if, in general, the weather is very agreeable, potty training outdoors could be beneficial. 

What are the things I need for potty training?

If you have decided that your dog should be trained indoors, it’s going to be a bit easier. Make sure that you have all the necessary materials before the start of the training. These will be things like a potty training matextra absorbent training pads, and potty training bells. The key to potty training is repetition and consistency. You should also incorporate some tasty treats as a form of positive reinforcement. Surely, in time, your dog will learn where and when to urinate and poo.

For outdoors, these artificial grass pee pads will be a great addition to your backyard. You can also opt for an anti-splash portable restroom for your dogs if you’re not a fan of pee pads. Eliminate the odors from places where your dog used to urinate. You can do so by spraying some odor-eliminating solutions. Make sure they are safe and non-toxic to your dogs.

My dog is housebroken but still urinates around the house – what do I do?

You’ve done all the training and work. Yet, your dog continues to urinate improperly. This could be due to other factors, as previously mentioned. One of the most common reasons for this is anxiety. It is an illness that doesn’t only affect humans. Even our pets may experience this from time to time. Hence, pet owners must spot this in their dogs early on. A dog urinating at the wrong place or wrong time may be a sign that your dog is experiencing anxiety. 

You may give your dog a calming treat during times of stress. This chewy treat contains hemp oil that will surely exert a calming effect on your dog. They are safe, and 100% THC free. Thus, you are sure that your dog won’t be high and hyperactive or behaving even more improperly. 

Furthermore, a compression vest for your dog may also help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety. Whatever the cause for your dog’s anxiety may be, the vests help by applying gentle pressure around the dog’s torso. It’s one of the easiest proven ways pet owners can do to help with their dog’s anxiety.

Spending some time with your pet will surely alleviate their anxiety. It might also be helpful to spot the environmental stressor that causes your dog’s anxiety. Maybe you’ve had parties at home a lot, and strangers are stressing out your pet. It could also be due to loud noises in the neighborhood. Spotting these will surely help you eliminate the stressor and help out your pet.

Is my dog peeing for attention?

It is also possible that your dog is not anxious. Your dog urinating outside its designated spot could mean that it is seeking your attention. Have you been out of the house often lately? Or maybe you haven’t been spending that much quality time with your dog? It might sound a bit silly, but some dog breeds are very clingy. Some breeds require more love and care than others. Neglecting to provide this may cause them to behave erratically, such as misbehavior, when it comes to potty time.

In this case, you’re lucky because the problem is very solvable. Just spend some quality time with your dog. If you don’t have a lot of spare time to do so, keeping your dog busy when you’re not around is also another great option. An interactive dog toy such as this plush toy set is a good start.

Furthermore, grooming your pet by yourself is also a nice way to spend some time with them. The plus side is it also saves you time and money. There are plenty of grooming tools you can use at home for your dog. Electric hair clippers are great if you want to be quick with the grooming. You can also use a de-shedding brush to remove some hairs as well as relax your pet.

How do I stop my dog from suddenly urinating in the house?

While your dog may be peeing in the house to get your attention, it could also be due to serious reasons. One of the signs of being sick in dogs is changes in behavior. If your housebroken dog suddenly soils randomly in the house or pees anywhere, but in the designated place, it could have digestive issues. As previously mentioned, talking to your veterinarian is one of the best moves you could do in this situation.

What are the medical issues that cause my dog to urinate in the house?

Diarrhea is the most common issue for dogs soiling around the house. It could also cause them to urinate because, for some dogs, these two go together. Kidney problems can also make your dog urinate more often. Furthermore, urinary incontinence could also be an issue in some dogs.

It is least likely, but neurologic or brain problems in some dogs may cause them to forget their potty training. Thus, this leads to them having a toilet or potty training issues. 

Pet owners should carefully watch their dogs’ diet during this time. They may be eating things apart from their dog food that is causing their digestive and urinary systems to malfunction.

Your dog urinating improperly around the house or even outside your home can be stressful for pet owners. However, if you’re equipped with the right knowledge and information, it shouldn’t be too difficult to solve this problem. Perhaps it’s just time to take a second look at our dogs and give them extra time and attention. If all else fails, your pet’s veterinarian is always the best person to go to.