Quiet Pet Birds – The Most Tranquil Birds You Can Bring Home

quiet pet birds

Birds are one of human’s most popular and favorite pets, and who wouldn’t like to bring home some peaceful feathered creatures as pets? Citing the obvious fact that birds are low maintenance pets and investing in them, especially a less noisy one would be the best decision if you’re looking to adopt a winged companion for a pet-less household. Although most birds are likely to be highly vocal by nature and there is hardly any bird that is completely quiet, there are few quiet bird breeds that make lesser noise and are close to being silent. Birds appreciate the space humans create for them and never cease to entertain the owners in return. Now, wouldn’t it be an amazing idea to start considering getting a quiet pet bird? If yes, then let’s begin reading more about them! If you own a noisy bird, learn how to calm them by clicking here.

Understanding Why Birds Make a Good Pet

Birds make a good fit as pets for many reasons. Let us first understand these reasons:

A Limited Occupancy

The most common reason is that birds take limited space and can be easily caged when the pet owner is at work or busy. This makes it easier for pet owners who have a hectic schedule to enjoy companionship and effortlessly do their personal and professional work at the same time.

A Low Maintenance

Owning a pet bird is unlike owning a four-legged animal since birds are much simpler to take care of. Especially, Quiet pet birds as they make great pets for human beings. They are easier to take care of.

Social Interactive Environment

Birds are also known to be massively social. They learn to communicate and mimic the human voice easily. Quiet pet birds may find difficulty in mimicking, but they learn in time. Quiet pet birds also enjoy an interactive environment contrary to popular beliefs.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The best part is most birds are colorful and give an aesthetic look to your apartment if you have them as pets. Minimal grooming is all it takes for a bird to rock that beautiful and attractive look. Quiet pet birds are easier to groom as they are gentle and quiet by nature.

Easy Access in Travelling

A tamed bird can also be easily carried around with while on the road. Still, one needs to be very careful while doing so because some birds tend to get a little too adventurous sometimes. Quiet pet birds are fantastic pets for easy traveling. They aren’t noisy or disruptive in any shape or form.

Intelligent Characteristic

Scientific researches have also shown that birds are suitable as pets because they are highly intelligent, which helps them remember tricks easily. Both quiet pet birds and talkative pet birds are smart and capable of doing so.

Low Budget Pets

Another good reason for owning a bird as a pet is that one need not spend an exorbitant amount on feeding these vibrant feathered friends. You can always feed your little birdies without compromising on the quality of the food or splurging as you would on a dog or cat.

Longevity in the Life span

Most birds come with a life span longer than other pets such as dogs, cats, and fishes, which are the most common set of pets. The birds should be exposed to a healthier lifestyle to attain a longer life.

Finding the Most Suited Pet Bird for You

The most important question you might come across before purchasing or adopting a bird would be “which bird will be the right one for me?”. Most of us would be unsure of which species or breed to get because there are hundreds of them. The best way to choose the right one would be by measuring your circumstances with the options of birds available to you. A very important aspect of owning a bird is that different birds have different requirements. Although most of them come with a low maintenance feature, some of them may have unique dietary, housing, and training needs. Almost all the birds have distinct characteristics and behavior, some are too noisy, and some are relatively silent. Determining your taste and preference might be easy, but determining a bird’s character might be challenging, especially when they have their own special physical and personal traits.

Some birds perform weird antics, and some are just mellow. Each of these aspects will help you figure out the best-fitted bird for you and your household. Therefore, it is necessary that before you make any decision, make sure a thorough study and research are done. Gathering an ample set of information can build a satisfactory and long relationship between you and your pet. Following are a few criteria you may consider before investing your resources on a pet bird:

The Size You Are Willing to Accept

The essential factor is the size of the bird. Now, this factor depends on your personal preference as well as the living space you are ready to offer the bird since some birds are larger and some smaller. The other important thing to remember is that birds not only need living space but also need playing area. How much space you have will determine the type of bird you want to get. Bigger birds often take bigger space and also involve more engagement. As a beginner, it is safest if you choose a medium or small-sized bird for starters.

However, if you have the experience of owning pet birds before, you can always choose a bigger bird with greater commitment.

The Life Span of the Bird

Known as some of the longest living pets, birds can outlive their owners as well. Thus, if you are looking for a long-living bird and want to grow attachment for an indefinite period of time, you can opt for birds like large, medium or small parrots, canaries and parakeets. A healthy dietary plan and constant exposure to activities are a must to attain longevity.

Time Devotion Involved

A bird pet owner must ensure the holistic growth of the bird he owns. In order to achieve this, it is advised to spend a great deal of time with them since they crave attention like any other pet. They require a good amount of interaction and socializing time. It is also important that you supervise the activities of the bird when they are out of their cage. Close supervision will help you figure out what’s going on with your bird and fix the problems easily. Super active birds need attention daily and may also need toys as a distraction. Cleaning the cage, bathing the bird, taking them out for playing, and wiping the mess they create around the house also involves lots of time. One must consider these facts before getting a pet bird. All of these will help in keeping your bird happy and healthy.

Bird Personality and Behavior

Every bird has its own set of behavior, traits, and characteristics. Each species has a unique personality. Some like to live with other birds, and some don’t mind living inside cages. Few birds are loud talkers, and some are extremely but not completely quiet. Some prefer being touched, but some do not socialize the same way. Choosing the best kind of bird involves the kind of personality that you would like your bird to exhibit. The bird’s behavior should match your lifestyle, and its temperament should be well accepted.

Role of a Budget

The number of finances you are ready to invest in bringing up a pet bird influences the bird you choose. When you purchase a bird, you also invest in various other accessories associated with the bird’s living space. If you have enough finances to roll out on such expenses, you are good to go. However, that isn’t enough. You should also remember that feeding and veterinary care are an essential part of pet bird finances. It is a lifetime expense, and one must be ready to spend enough on such expenses for a healthy bird.

Other aspects like whether the bird is children friendly, safe to handle, being aware of anyone in the house which may be allergic to powder bird, and whether your family members are willing to take care of it in your absence plays an important role in choosing a bird as a pet.

Once you have made a clear decision on what kind of bird you want to adopt or purchase, you need to look into channels of finding them. They could be up for sale on online stores or general pet stores where you will find hundreds of types of birds that suit your style. You may also find them in bird farms, bird organizations, etc.

However, if you are looking for an exotic or unique species, it could be a little more difficult. Because in some countries it is illegal to exotic pet birds, one must ensure availing information on laws regarding petting such species. After you have found the perfect place to get a bird of your choice, make sure that the bird is in excellent health condition (if the bird is wheezing or straining, get it checked), the bird is active and aware of its surroundings and understand its upbringing from the pet store owner.

Birds are beautiful creatures, especially because of their charming feathers and significant vocal sound qualities. Most birds chirp, squeak, screech, and even whistle! It could be pleasant to some but could also be quite annoying to a lot of people who are not fans of such noises. In such a case, you may want to find a bird that relatively makes lesser noise and spare you the annoyance. A major reason why birds in the wild make noise are to communicate with their fellow birds. Another reason could be for protecting their young and alerting their folks from enemies and predators. They whistle and make calls to their beloved ones for mating as well. Domesticated pet birds also make noise, which has no apparent reason other than the natural habit of making noise.

Now, if you are looking for a quiet bird as a pet or quiet pet birds for an apartment, you may want to keep reading this article because we have got you covered with details about the best kind of quiet bird breeds here.

Top 5 Quiet Pet Birds That Can Make A Good Companion

Following are some of the quiet pet birds for beginners:


These birds are known for singing melodiously in a very low volume. Male canaries are known for their lifelong singing abilities, unlike female canaries. The size of the bird is small, making its noise lower than most birds.


A Finch is a very good option for housing a quiet pet bird. These are tiny birds that have very tiny voices. They are easy to handle and store because of their size. Also known as a great option for beginner’s pets, finches can be an endearing companion.

Parakeets (Budgies)

A budgie is a famous choice for quiet bird breeds. They are quite playful and need a few hours of out-of-cage time during the day. However, the noise made by a parakeet can go practically unnoticed due to its small voice. However, it can chatter around the whole day.

Senegal parrots

This breed of parrot is known for keeping low vocal sound and maintaining serenity due to its remarkably calm nature. Senegal parrots have a great ability to mimic and whistle. However, they are also great at keeping low noise, which makes them a perfect fit for quiet pet birds for apartments.


This chirpy colorful bird breed is a little larger than budgies or finches but works great as a quiet pet bird. Their strong vocal allows them to adapt to whistling and mimicking easily, but they tend to keep it lower than the other quiet pet birds. Cockatiels are comical and quite interactive.

Here Are Some of the Essential Products Your Pet Bird Will Absolutely Love

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Quiet pet birds will allow you a peaceful experience if you are inclined towards a noiseless environment when you own a pet. Therefore, it is highly recommended that one undergoes full-fledged research before getting a bird or, for that reason, any pet. Each of the recommended bird species mentioned in the above section is apt for apartments and for beginners as well. These birds will make sure your neighbors don’t come knocking at your door to complain about the noise! Although the term “quiet birds” could be non-existent in reality since vocal abilities are a significant characteristic of every bird, you may always find a bird that caters to your low sound needs. If not, you may also learn how to make them quiet with some tips and tricks.