Struvite Crystals in Cats and How to Cure It

struvite crystals in cats

Crystals are present on the urinary tract of cats naturally, and it does not always indicate that something is wrong. It is also naturally present in dogs and does not call for urgent medical assistance. However, in some cases, cats can experience pain and trouble peeing from blockages caused by the crystals, which turns into stones with each passing time. This article discusses struvite crystals in cats and different ways to cure it.

It is mandatory to test the pH level on the urinary samples in a prompt manner. There are different treatment protocols depending on the situation. It is smart to test your pet at the earliest to see if there are struvite crystals in cats.

There are two types of crystals such as Struvite crystals and also Calcium Oxalate crystals. These crystals are in opposition to one another. Struvite crystals usually occur when the urine has too much alkaline. These crystals form if the urine is not acidic enough. To prevent the further spread or development of new struvite crystals, it is advisable to make the urine more acidic.

Calcium oxalate crystals are the opposite as they form or develop rapidly when the acidic level is too high, or there isn’t enough alkaline present in the urinary tract. Calcium oxalate is usually eliminated with potassium citrate. This helps in turning the urine into alkaline and in dissolving these crystals, which helps in removing further spread of these crystals.

How to Dissolve Struvite Crystals in Cats?

There are questions surrounding how to dissolve struvite crystals in cats. These are some of the procedures to dissolve it.

The Treatment of Dietary Cessation

Struvite crystals are eradicated by resorting to a special diet. There various cat food brands out there that break down struvite crystals back into the urine. The cat should be fed every day with the new dietary plan. Under no circumstance should the cat have another disease, which will make the stone diet unsuitable. The feline should only stick to the urinary diet and abandon other diets. In case your feline isn’t a fan of one diet, then you can always switch to another diet. Dry as well as canned foods are available, and these products can still be combined together. However, it is always advisable to stick with the canned foods, which is more effective because of its liquid nature.

It is important to expose your cat to radiographs every three to four weeks to make sure that the stones are breaking down. However, some cats can dissolve the crystals in a matter of a week. In case if the stones are not dissolving, it can be a calcium oxalate crystal, which does not dissolve with diet. The stones will also not dissolve if your feline is sneaking in food from other sources instead of the diet. On an average basis, it requires almost six weeks to remove the stone, but if it is not breaking down, then surgical treatment is required.

The Treatment of Surgical Removal

Struvite crystals are removed through another alternative, which is the surgical method. The process of removing crystals or stones from the bladder is termed as “Cystotomy”. This is done by making an incision in the bladder, and the present stones inside are removed by opening it. The bladder, as well as the belly, are shut, and the feline is officially discharged when it has a healthy appetite and proper urination. It is very normal to find your feline having trouble urinating in the first few days as it is recovering from the treatment. Blood in the urine is also expected after the surgery.

The Treatment of Cystoscopy

A Cystoscope is used in this treatment and is less invasive. It is a long thin medical instrument that comes with a small-sized video camera attached to it. The instrument is inserted inside the cat’s bladder. However, this method is only meant for female cats as the urethra of the male cat is too small for the instrument to enter. The instrument has a stone basket meant for retrieving stones from the bladder. There are cases when the crystals inside the bladder get too big and so a laser called “Lithotripsy” is used to break the stone down into smaller pieces to pass through the urethra. The laser within the instrument is positioned in close contact with the stones, which are then dissolved and retrieved. There is an addition of extra expenses involved with this procedure as it requires the need for special equipment to carry out the treatment.

The Treatment of Voiding Urohydropropulsion

This technique of struvite crystal treatment includes sedating the cat, where the bladder is expanded by adding fluid and is put under pressure in an agitated manner. The cat is placed in a vertical position, where the stones loads within the neck of the bladder for its removal. However, this technique can only work if the stones are small enough to pass through the urethra of the cat. Large stones cannot pass through the urethra.

Eradicating Struvite Crystals In Cats Naturally

Home Remedies

It is always advisable and smart to resort to natural remedies for struvite crystals in cats such as herbs and extracts as well as nutraceuticals. These natural remedies possess antibacterial characteristics. However, it is important to understand the condition of the case by making a trip to the veterinary.

Marshmallow Root

It is an excellent home remedy for getting rid of struvite crystals as it does a great job in soothing and lubricating mucous membranes, which in turn leads to easy passing of stones and reducing the level of irritation on the urinary tract.

Hydrangea Root

It does an excellent job of soothing the urinary tract from the pain caused by struvite crystals. The antimicrobial characteristic of the root is a suitable element for treating bladder and kidney problems.


This natural herb also helps in soothing the mucous membranes and providing relief. It helps in cleaning the urinary tract.

Dandelion Leaf

It has a diuretic effect in a mild manner on the urinary tract of the cat. It also possesses antimicrobial characteristics.

Couch Grass

It also mildly possesses diuretic effects and has antimicrobial properties. It is also used as an astringent and carries anti-inflammatory properties.


It is an excellent natural remedy for balancing body fluids and provides protection for the urinary tract. However, do not use it when kidneys are inflamed.

Hops Strobiles

It helps in providing relief on the muscles of the urinary tract. It also does a great job of soothing the nerves on the urinary tract.


It does a great job of reducing inflammation and also muscle pains on the urinary tract. It helps in preventing and also getting rid of the stones.


The herb is an excellent natural remedy for providing relief as well as getting rid of the struvite crystals.

Oregon Grape

It has antimicrobial characteristics. It helps in removing struvite crystals in cats.

Corn Silk

It reduces irritation and always soothes the urinary tract, which helps remove struvite crystals in cats.


It enhances the immune system and gets rid of these crystals. It also reduces bleeding in the urinary tract.

Mullein Leaf

It increases the level of pH. It gets rid of struvite crystals in cats.

Coenzyme Q10

It protects the immune system and enhances it. It also proves to be an antioxidant.


It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory elements. It is an excellent home remedy for treating bladder as well as UTIs.

Maitake Mushrooms

It enhances the immune system and possesses diuretic properties. It is best suited for treating Cystitis.

Understanding the Idea Behind Preventing Struvite Crystals

There are a ton of issues and questions surrounding a feline’s health, and one of them is on how to prevent crystals in cat urine. The prevention of this issue isn’t far-fetched at all. The best way is to create and stick to a diet plan that isn’t prone to the risk of stone formation. There are a ton of urinary formulas for felines. It is best to choose canned food for your cat’s new dietary plan. The canned foods are watery in nature, which will dilute your cat’s urine, and this, in turn, will lead to less formation of crystals. Your veterinarian may also monitor through some tests to balance out the urine and the concentration of pH. This will lead to less or no formation of crystals at all.


To best tackle this issue of struvite crystals on your feline, it is always smart to stick with a wet diet from the start and opt for natural home remedies to treat this problem. If things escalate and get worse, it is advisable to make a trip to the veterinary and follow thoroughly on what the vet recommends. It will help remove struvite crystals in cats.