Solutions To Stop Cat From Crying And Meowing

cat crying or meowing

Soft meowing by cats can be cute most of the time, but when the meowing gets louder and more frequent, it may start to become a nuisance. The situation may worsen to a stage where it might become necessary to try a few methods to help stop cat from crying all the time.

Such cases require a visit to the vet for professional medical assistance. It will be helpful to know a few other tricks which will help to stop your cat from crying and meowing.

If the cat’s constant meowing is causing significant loss of sleep for the owner, all one can desperately think about is how to stop cats from meowing all night. The best way to prevent this is to find the root cause of it and try to manage the issue before it worsens.

Reasons why some cats meow or cry excessively

Meowing refers to the sound all cats make to communicate or express their feelings. It is normal for cats to meow now and then. However, when the meowing becomes more aggressive and constant, then it becomes a cause for concern.

When the cat’s meowing sounds more like it is yowling, then we can say that the cat is crying. Cat crying usually happens in situations where the cat is in distress. Therefore, it is always advisable to get the cat checked out by a vet when it starts to cry.

To stop a cat from crying, we must first understand what is causing it.

Some of the reasons why a cat might start meowing or crying are as follows.

Stress-related issues

A common reason why a cat may cry is stress. When a cat is in a stressful situation, it will express its displeasure and discomfort by meowing loudly or crying.

Anxiety-related issues

Usually, when a cat is experiencing a heightened level of anxiety, it will start to meow more than usual or even start crying. This reaction is a natural response of the cat to the anxiety-inducing situation. An anxious cat is an unhappy cat.

Health-related issues

When a cat is suffering from any health issues, which is causing it pain, then the cat will start crying. Sometimes physical ailments, diseases, and injuries may cause a great deal of pain and discomfort for the cat. Just as humans cry out in pain, cats will also do the same when placed in a similar situation.

If the issue is not physical, it may also be a mental disorder. Cats suffering from Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) are more likely to meow or cry.

The cat won’t stop crying if it is in deep distress. Therefore it is always a good idea to understand the reasons for the meowing and crying to be able to stop it.

Change in the cat’s environment

Cats do not like changes all that much. Any changes in the environment of the cat may sometimes be the cause of all the crying, whether the difference is significantly big or as small as a mere shifting of its litter box to a different corner.

If at all the cat does not appreciate the changes made, it will start to express its displeasure by meowing excessively or even crying. The cat won’t stop crying unless someone addresses the problem at hand.


Usually, when a cat is in heat and looking for a suitable mate, it will yowl or cry. Cats do this to attract the others towards it. The crying is a sign of readiness of the cat for the mating process. The crying may continue for a prolonged period and even into the night. How to stop a cat from crying all night during mating season is to help in looking for a suitable mate for it.

Attention seeking behavior

Sometimes cats meow or cry for the simple reason of wanting some more attention. It will try to grasp it’s owner’s attention by becoming more vocalized. When the owner responds to the cat’s meows and cries, the behavior gets reinforced and may even intensify. Therefore, if the only reason for a cat’s crying and meowing is a craving for more attention, it is best to avoid reacting to such behaviors.

Old age

In older cats, loss of hearing due to old age can cause more pronounced meowing as the cat tries to adapt to its dulling senses. We cannot do much to help the cat in such cases other than wait for the cat to eventually get used to the changes in its aging body.

Excitement or aggression

When some cats get excited, they start to meow or cry loudly. In others, it is a display of aggressive behavior and authority. Territorial male cats often meow or cry to warn off intruders from their territories.

How to address cat crying and meowing

When a cat is meowing more rapidly and loudly, or if it is noticeably crying in distress, the owner should know how to stop a cat from crying. Some ways by which one can address and handle a crying cat are listed below.

  • Check for any wound or injuries. Physical injuries are very painful and may be causing the cat to cry.
  • Check for any unusual discharge or excess watering from the cat’s eyes, nose, mouth. Some situations may also require a thorough examination of the cat’s ears for any signs of injuries.
  • Examine the cat’s genitalia for any unusual swelling, discoloration, or discharge.
  • Check to see if the cat’s breathing is regular and steady.
  • If there are no visible injuries on the cat, then investigating the litter box may be necessary. Unusual consistency and coloration of the cat’s stool will indicate some ailments in the cat.

How to stop cat from crying and meowing

As much as it is unpleasant for the cat, the constant meowing and crying can also become very disturbing for the owner of the cat and others. It can become a nuisance and create an environment that is unsuitable for relaxation or rest.

In most cases, cats will start crying if it is in a state of distress or discomfort. Therefore it is never okay to shout at or punish a cat for their crying and meowing. Instead, carefully examining the cat to look for any signs which may help give a clearer understanding of the problem will be better.

If the crying is very persistent and the cat appears to be suffering much, then the best thing to do is to take it to the vet. Instead of single-handedly trying to figure out how to stop a cat from meowing all night, a quick visit to the vet will help fix the problem.

Helping the cat to become less stressed and anxious will also stop a cat from crying. If the cat is happy and relaxed, then this problem will not even exist in the first place. Showing the cat one’s love and affection will help put it in a good mood. It will start to feel safe and secure, and this will help stop a cat from crying and meowing all the time.

If that doesn’t work, then your cat may require some mental therapy from a professional. Some cats have a greater tendency to fall into stress and anxiety-related state of depression. Therefore it will be useful to get the cat the required help before the condition worsens.